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Whether you are doing projects using an Agile way of working or prefer to do things waterfall.
If you are a service provider or a construction company.
All companies work with projects and all projects deserve the best.
Any project requires utilising your resources efficient and keep overview on the tasks and deadlines at hand.
Hour Pendulum facilitates just that.
We make sure you have a good overview to all your resources and projects.
And that you get the most out of them. Just like our customers do.

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Our Customers

Please find below a selection of our customers.

Kodex is in the service industry and provides internet and technology solutions. Their client base is across Europe. Kodex provides development and design for complex projects for their respective customers and works mostly remote. They needed a tool which allows them to properly communicate, with their customers, the status and deadlines of the projects. By using Hour Pendulum they give their customers instantly the right insights in the projects and are making sure to meet every deadline.

It is very important to be transparent when you work remote for your clients. Hour Pendulum allows us to be that. Furthermore, it provides both the clients and us the key insights that we need for any project to become a success.

Jevgenijs Spruzs, CEO of Kodex

IN2IT is the company from one of our founders and is also in the service industry. IN2IT is a company that loans resources to its clients. Important for them and for their clients is to provide full transparency when it comes to worked hours. The clients need to stay informed about the planned and logged hours. To do this, IN2IT needed a tool that provides that and also follows up on hours not yet filled in. This way, the client is informed and IN2IT never misses out on hours. A win-win.

Hour Pendulum was born from frustration. It is very difficult to keep a proper overview on all your loaned out resources. It is important that the client is happy with them, but also that we don't forget to have them billable. Hour Pendulum perfectly helps me with this.

Michelangelo van Dam, Co-founder of IN2IT

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